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What is
Ancestral Medicine?

Ancestral medicine is that which was passed to us through our ancestral lineage. It’s the amalgam of generations of experience, study, health and healing. Ancestral medicine can be a specific tonic or something imbibed, it can be a practice or way of living. Ancestral medicine puts trust in our ancestors’ abilities to survive and thrive well enough for us to walk this earth as part of their lineage today, bringing us back to the simplicity of integrating land-based practices, with physical and spiritual wholeness.

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Why Channeling, Movement, Integration & Medicine?

I get it, to an outside perspective these seem like 4 different and very specific healing modalities, but to me, they are just 4 parts of a whole. "Healing" is a such a broad term, but I believe it involves our external, our internal, and our physical to make strides. By now we've all heard terms like "the body keeps score". When we get down to it, we are just molecules vibrating in space, held together by energy. To look at the physical without considering the energetic does us the disservice of not accounting for factors of influence beyond just exercise; our somatic responses, our stored emotions and energies, and their effects on the body. The energies of the body are not separate from the energies of the unseen world, be it our emotions, our memories, our dreams, or our spirit and spirit relations. Remembering that physiology is affected by the non-physical (anyone ever heard that stress leads to cancer?) gives us a larger drawing board for healing. I have learned the mechanics of the physical body, but along with that I've learned when that's not enough ("this injury just won't go away") we can integrate external wisdom and energy through channeling, internal spiritual healing through medicine, and empower each of you to trust your own internal wisdom compass through the practice of integration.

Ancestral Channeling

Ancestral channeling is connecting to the wisdom of our ancestors through the unseen realms. It rests on the epigenetic knowledge that we carry 7 generations worth of experience within our bodies, and that our spirit connects us to the ethereal imprint and existence of those who have come before us. Channeling allows us to communicate directly with this wisdom in conversation. Imagine it as being able to speak clearly to all of the signs, feelings, niggles, or other symbolic guidance already on our path. In a channeling ceremony we are able to distill this into language for our conscious mind to presently grasp.

Somatic Movement Repatterning

Think of it as personal training and injury management, but for your integrated self. These movement sessions focus on total embodiment; getting your physical, spiritual and emotional bodies aligned to understand what's truly happening in your movement patterns, clearing physical and energetic pathways, learning safety in the body and nervous system, and finding liberation through movement. 


Medicine came in so many forms to our ancestors and many of these are still available to us now. If you're ready to take a deep look inside, medicine may be right for you. Reach out to learn more about opening your heart with a cacao ceremony and more. 


Are you preparing to sit with a master healer or master plant in the jungle? Have you recently had an eye-opening experience with a medicine in or out of a ceremonial setting? Are you simply questioning how to integrate a spiritual awakening or dark night of the soul into everyday life? There's space for that here. These sessions can help you prepare yourself for or come back from a psychedelic or spiritual experience, and then understand how to apply it to life in the physical world.

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My ceremonies and channeling should be considered for your enjoyment and entertainment. Although the intention of these ceremonies is healing, I cannot guarantee results, and furthermore I cannot "heal" you. Ancestral wisdom believes that the way to healing is returning us all to the spirit within us. The intention of these ceremonies is to bring you back to your own personal alignment so you are empowered to embrace yourself as the truest and most authentic healer for you. My journey with you is to facilitate the rediscovery of that, not to interfere. In fact, I'd tread lightly with anyone or anything that claims it can flat out heal you. It's my prerogative to avoid the power dynamics that pedestal people, and can create dangerous dynamics within the healing world. Toward that point, it's imperative that my ceremonies are BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and Differently-Bodied safe. When joining a group ceremony please expect us all to be held accountable to this safety. I truly believe am no more a healer than anyone around me, it's simply a matter of removing the blocks that some of us hold connecting us to our inherent truth.


See my calendar and book an appointment here.


Please know that no community members will be denied medicine or healing practices due to financial hardship. If this happens to be your situation, please reach out and inquire as to payment plans, energy exchanges, or otherwise. If you are in a position in which affording medicine or healing containers is easily available to you, please consider donating to cover the session of a community member in-need, whether in full or in part. This is part of an intention to keep medicine sacred, and outside the systemic limitations of capitalism.


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