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Channeling: What to Expect

As an ancestral channel, I connect to the higher realms by communicating with the ancestors, guides, ascended masters, angels, light beings, and so-on that serve as guidance on people's paths.


During a ceremony we typically start by clarifying and setting intentions. If there’s a specific situation someone wants to lean into, we might spend a bit speaking about that to get to the root of what wisdom they’re seeking. (Some examples of ceremonies that took a specific focus looked at career, relationships, physical ailments, the spiritual elements of a medical diagnosis, or a specific complication arising in life at the time.) 


Once the client feels clear I will usually open the ceremony with a non-denominational prayer to protect our spiritual container, and invite in those whom wish to speak with the client. After they are called in, the space will be opened for the client to set their intentions verbally or energetically. The transmissions generally start with messages and guidance from the ancestors, then it often shifts into opening the conversation for your questions.


Everything operates on a consent-based model so I routinely check-in about how we edge forward, the level of comfortability, etc. I generally ask people to set aside 90 minutes for the ceremony . Transmissions themselves don’t take the whole time, but I find that allotment allows for us to not be rushed in any part of the process (intention setting, transmissions, integration). Also, every ceremony is different, this amount of time will allow us to roll with the flow of what is being communicated, levels of safety and comfort, and speed of digestion of the experience. No pressure, no rush.

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