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Sami has a true gift to listen and communicate beyond this realm that allowed me to learn more about myself on this amazing journey called life!


From the moment I met Sami, every cell of my body tingled with excitement. I knew her spiritually creative gifts were immense, and as a visionary I was already jumping to the HOW. My regular channellings with Sami providing grounded guidance and ancestral wisdom and support. As an Indigenous woman and leader, I walk in two worlds, so regular opportunities to ensure I am equally connected to both are high priority for me. Our time together is clear, inspirational and practical, soothing and fuelling. I feel stronger in my work and in my life as a result of staying connected with those who are here to support this journey - both those we see and those we don't see. 


Shifting energy in scared ritual. A most intriguing process with Sami, finding clarity and courage to live my best life.


The first time I experienced Sami's channeling was in person as part of a women's circle. I felt the energy in the room shift as well as my own presence connect with energy that was deeper, wiser - eternal. As Sami channeled all I could cognitively register is that I was in the presence of someone with a spiritual gift. Sami channeled for me personally, on a separate occasion, and the wisdom that came through, specifically from the animal kingdom as well as from my own ancestral line, still guides me weekly. Her work is pure and connected. I cannot recommend working with Sami enough if you are looking to connect with a greater awareness than your own as well as your own ancestral network. 


Sami is SUCH a special, unique and beautiful hume with an extraordinary ability to channel.  I know Sami through an intentional community—a small women's group and I first experienced her gifts within the group. She was able to chanel for all of us simultaneously. It was meaningful and profound and life changing. This was especially true because as a group we knew what each other were working on so it was amazing to connect what messages were for who, individually and for us all. I then had the pleasure of working 1:1 with her for a private session and it was also incredible. I felt so close to my guides and ancestors and those who love and look out for me. They shared important and specific things that I needed to hear that Sami would not have known, even from knowing me. I loved working with her, I left the session feeling so seen and so cared for. Sami has a very VERY special gift and being connected to to those who are around us is an incredible gift to receive. 


Sami holds a radical gift that she carries with immense reverence and care. Her contact with the ancestral realm is an incredible rarity that I feel speaks to a permission she has been given to be a translator and transcoder for the stories that lie within our soul fabric, lineages and genetic codes. My session with Sami was awe inspiring and deeply informative and I know I will continue to seek wisdom and connection through her offerings.


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