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Community Offering

We come together to care for one another

It is my intention that anyone who is in need of medicine or support finds it. With this, and our current system of capitalism in mind, I work with my community to make sessions available to all I can with a Community Offering model.

How does it work?

Can't afford a session, but feel specifically called to work with me? Add your name to the Community Ask list. Here you will have an option to name the price you could pay for that session or opt for a payment plan. If you are able to pay the full price of a session I ask you to please do so to allow our community members in serious financial need a better opportunity to receive care.

Does it feel comfortable or easy to afford a session with me? Consider donating to the Community Give fund, or paying a bit more for your session. Your surplus or donation pays to free up my time to be able to donate sessions to those in need, or allow for flexibility in the expediency of payment without forgoing my necessities as well.

If you'd like to sponsor someone in need for one or multiple sessions, please contact me directly.

Communities ensure no one goes without. Thank you for being a part of mine.

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