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Storytelling for the Future

What does film and media have to do with healing? Everything.

Storytelling is an ancestral tradition that crosses all cultural and historical boundaries. Story has impact. The more conscious we are as storytellers, the more we effect change for the good of all. 

Sami Bass Stretched Premiere
Sami Bass Irene Bedard Redeemer Premiere Soho International Film Festival
Sami Bass Turtle Island Creative Impact Coalition

Intuitive Story Rewilding

What are you waiting for permission to say? What would you say if you'd never learned to filter your words? What wildness in your story is waiting to be released? I can see your untamed potential, let's rewild it together.

Impact Producer

Are you telling a high impact story that needs a trauma-informed producer on set? A multi-cultural story that needs awareness? Ideas to better support the working conditions of your cast and crew? Let's chat.

Writer + Director

Stories that tell the truth. Documentaries that challenge us to see in the dark. To learn more about my work check out my imdb.


How do we know if our story will affect change for the better? What does that even mean? Is our set representative of our beliefs? How do we bring authenticity and awareness into a project? Into a script? A character?  Let's talk about it.


It is my intention that no artist in need of support is denied. With this, and our current system of capitalism in mind, I work with my community to make sessions available to all I can with a Community Offering model. Please consider contributing to a session for your fellow artist.


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