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Intuitive Story Rewilding

“I always knew that saying the unsayable was going to be a powerful thing.” 
                 - Phoebe Waller-Bridge

What is the Session?

Unearthing the unfiltered creative voice, beneath the socialization, the colonization, the cultural normalizations, or any other inhibition. This session puts a dam on all of these blockages for an hour, and lets your unbridled truth come through.  What are you waiting for permission to say? What would you say if you'd never learned to filter your words? What wildness in your story is waiting to be untamed?

Why Intuitive Story Rewilding?

Have you ever heard someone say they "pulled it out of thin air" when referring to a story or creation? Many writers and artists know this "thin air" quite well, the place just beyond the mind where they go to fetch the truly magical, mystical, and captivating; where our most divine creations are born. And much like the great unknown exists in all of it's liberated wildness, so I believe our stories and creations await their own emergence from the confines of society into the boundless wild creations they truly are. For those of us who experience "writer's block", our stories continue to float in utero of captivity until the writer is willing to expand, contract, and birth them wildly through. For others, the over-inundation with thought keeps them too much in their conscious-brain to straddle the line into the cosmos of the "storysphere". For an hour and a half during our intuitive story-rewilding sessions we suspend the colonization, socialization, cultural norms and expectations put on us and peer with clarity into the unfiltered creative voice, the one that intuitively knows how to weave the story, but sometimes gets pummeled by the waves of external-insecurity or validation. I intuitively see beyond what the ego and mind are crafting from their standpoint of safety, socialization, or expectation, and we traverse the unsaid-unknown... what is the story asking to be told through you; the really big one you're scared to tell, the one that will give you all the thrills and chills, and connect to your audience on a deeply substantial level? What is your subconscious saying that your ego is blocking you from hearing? Consider me your subconscious translator, speaking the language of your inner wild, and bringing it back to you.

90 Min Intuitive Story Re-Wilding


I'll sit down with your story, outline or notes ahead of time. We'll convene and spend 90 minutes combing through what's asking to be uncaged.

60 Min Intuitive Story Re-Wilding

We'll meet without me visiting your story first. We'll talk through the story, and crack open what's waiting to roam free. 

30 Min of Intuitive Re-Wilding Q+A

You just have a question or two about something specific?... Let's spend 30 min getting those answers.

About Sami

As a healer and storyteller it is my role to understand what each story is saying about the underlying experience. In working with trauma survivors I have learned to notice the patterns and details that point toward larger markers of story points waiting in the shadows. When a trauma survivor tells me the story of what happened to them I hear the depths beneath the iceberg of story they are currently capable of telling me. This intuitive ability was developed over years of supporting victims of complex trauma and learning to understand how the conscious mind bridges the proverbial eclipses between what is too difficult to say and what the full experience was. As a filmmaker I have seen this same phenomenon happen with writers across the board. Like a woman in labor, I can see where the story is headed while finding the spaces that were left empty of words but full of potential energy waiting to be fully birthed into this world. I believe that telling our deepest truth is an act of wild abandon that not only leads to our healing, but the reconstruction of our culture through our most primal sense of connection.

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