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You Made It!

Now, let's reclaim some stories.

Meet Lily
Sami Bass Healer Channel Filmmaker

Reaching Back, Looking Forward

Hi, I'm Sami

I'm a healer, creator, innovator and revolutionist. I use ancestral medicine practices, healing modalities, and creativity to bridge the gap between modern media and the ceremonial art of storytelling to create healed people, and healing stories - returning us and our legacy to the highest good for all.


“From the moment I met Sami, every cell of my body tingled with excitement. I knew her spiritually creative gifts were immense, and as a visionary I was already jumping to the HOW. My regular channellings with Sami providing grounded guidance and ancestral wisdom and support. As an Indigenous woman and leader, I walk in two worlds, so regular opportunities to ensure I am equally connected to both are high priority for me. Our time together is clear, inspirational and practical, soothing and fuelling. I feel stronger in my work and in my life as a result of staying connected with those who are here to support this journey - both those we see and those we don't see. “

Sami Bass


“Sami has a true gift to listen and communicate beyond this realm that allowed me to learn more about myself on this amazing journey called life!“

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