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Sami uses intuitive and ancestral teachings to reconnect lost communication between the body, mind and spirit. Her process is to channel, intuit, or observe what a person needs,  be able to find places in their bodies or behaviors where old trauma is manifesting, be it of this lifetime or epigenetic, and then find the routes for healing those patterns and reconnecting the spirit so people can begin to fulfill their truest self. She also helps people reconnect to our original shared ancestor, the earth, through understanding their spiritual vibrations and how they relate with the fauna and life around them. 


Sami began her training as a movement specialist for dancers over a decade ago, focusing on how specific muscular patterns affected a performer’s longevity and propensity for injury. After realizing her skill for identifying and understanding movement patterns was having a great impact in athlete’s lives, she decided to begin working with broader populations bringing her knowledge in corrective movement, somatics, movement dysfunction, and mindbody connection to a larger client base in NYC that included everyone from professional athletes to those recovering from debilitating injuries.


Her awareness of the physical body expanded as she began to study ancestral teachings and traditions. Through her understanding of the scientific and spiritual, Sami has been able to broaden her grasp on how the soma and body function together, understanding that spiritual health, mental health, and physical health all inform each other. In her pursuit for integrated healing Sami undertook studying meditation, breathing, and ceremonial healing with indigenous communities around the globe. She now takes an intuitive approach to trauma-informed healing that integrates the facets of healing specific to each person’s needs; no two paths to healing are the same.

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