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Sami is a multi-racial filmmaker raised in NYC. She began her career as an actor, then casting assistant at Scott Free Productions. When she felt a gap between her experience as a BIPOC woman and the roles offered on screen she decided to dive head first into activism in Hollywood, joining the team for The 51 Fund, a venture capital fund seeking to invest in womxn filmmakers, and founding MoviesByHer, a resource for underrepresented filmmakers to connect more easily with their audiences. During this time she began to also expand her storytelling into producing and writing, working on award-winning films such as Naomi McDougall-Jones’ 'Bite Me', Michelle Bossy’s 'Miracle Baby', and alongside Emmy winning producer Erin Glass on multiple projects. Her dedication to underrepresented storytelling also inspired her to launch 'Disrupting the Silence', a documentary interview series focusing on holding space for difficult conversations on race, gender and identity. This journey also led her to further question the social estrangement to her own cultural identities. In an effort to reintegrate her family’s own indigenous roots in the United States, and in Africa, she began  studying with ancestral communities, finding herself and true connection to the earth along the way. What started as a reintegration of strained identity turned into a passion of studying with indigenous cultures globally, becoming an ancestral medicine practitioner (including our original ancestor, the earth), and understanding the concept of identity and storytelling from the roots, and beyond society’s constructs. Sami effortlessly weaves together highly polarized facets of life with an empathetic and compassionate approach. 


Sami is also currently producing two films she wrote: the upcoming feature film The Mentor, and the short film Stag Party, along with co-producing the short film Miracle Baby by Stephen Fechter and producing the TV Pilot Stretched by Joseph Blake Menzel with Executive Producer Erin Glass.

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Want to support women in film, but not sure which films have been made by women filmmakers? Visit MoviesByHer. Born out of necessity, MoviesByHer seeks to bridge the gap between underrepresented filmmakers and their audiences by providing a resource for filmmakers to share and audiences to seek. Launched in 2016, MoviesByHer has just relaunched a new site!


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